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Magnificent Mgarr Holidays

Malta’s rich history is ever-present in the town of Mgarr, and combined with a beautiful beach where you can truly unwind amid spectacular views and picturesque surroundings, Mgarr holidays will have you well served when it comes to embracing a new culture as well as relaxing by the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea on soft sands of gold.

A range of activities will greet you as you set foot in Mgarr but perhaps the most alluring attraction is Gnejna Bay with its lovely shores adorned with sun-splashed sand, and with clear views across the Mediterranean towards Gozo you’ll be forever enamoured with the vibrant and eclectic views seen from this captivating cove.

Historical Allure

If you’ve come to peruse ancient artefacts and wander through mystic temples then Mgarr is the place to be. Among Malta’s most prized possessions are the intriguing temples of Ta Hagrat, these well preserved megalithic structures date back to roughly 3600 BC and offer an imploring insight into ancient Malta, conveying to the modern world the prominence of the area Mgarr now inhabits as a thriving community on the island. If it’s more recent history you’ve come to see during your holidays to Mgarr, then make sure you take the short trip to the region of Mellieha, home to art galleries and an air raid shelter from World War Two, this northern part of Malta is not to be missed.

Explore Mgarr

While the island of Malta in itself is a tantalising prospect, many who come here often overlook the further potential to really immerse themselves within the depths of Maltese traditions. As well as adding the iconic dishes of stewed rabbit and garlic snails to the palate, perhaps those who want to be more adventurous in other areas will be more inclined with experiencing the island from the seas. Boat tours, scuba diving and snorkelling are common pastimes in Malta and are best experienced from St Paul’s Bay, each expedition giving a different take on the best ways to enjoy your Mgarr holidays.

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