Mgarr Holidays 2016

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Magnificent Mgarr Holidays

Malta’s rich history is ever-present in the town of Mgarr, and combined with a beautiful beach where you can truly unwind amid spectacular views and picturesque surroundings, Mgarr holidays will have you well served when it comes to embracing a new culture as well as relaxing by the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea on soft sands of gold.

A range of activities will greet you as you set foot in Mgarr but perhaps the most alluring attraction is Gnejna Bay with its lovely shores adorned with sun-splashed sand, and with clear views across the Mediterranean towards Gozo you’ll be forever enamoured with the vibrant and eclectic views seen from this captivating cove.

Historical Allure

If you’ve come to peruse ancient artefacts and wander through mystic temples then Mgarr is the place to be. Among Malta’s most prized possessions are the intriguing temples of Ta Hagrat, these well preserved megalithic structures date back to roughly 3600 BC and offer an imploring insight into ancient Malta, conveying to the modern world the prominence of the area Mgarr now inhabits as a thriving community on the island. If it’s more recent history you’ve come to see during your holidays to Mgarr, then make sure you take the short trip to the region of Mellieha, home to art galleries and an air raid shelter from World War Two, this northern part of Malta is not to be missed.

Explore Mgarr

While the island of Malta in itself is a tantalising prospect, many who come here often overlook the further potential to really immerse themselves within the depths of Maltese traditions. As well as adding the iconic dishes of stewed rabbit and garlic snails to the palate, perhaps those who want to be more adventurous in other areas will be more inclined with experiencing the island from the seas. Boat tours, scuba diving and snorkelling are common pastimes in Malta and are best experienced from St Paul’s Bay, each expedition giving a different take on the best ways to enjoy your Mgarr holidays.

Couple Holidays in Mgarr

Things to do in Mgarr

Couples on holidays in Mgarr will find plenty of natural and cultural attractions to see in this beautiful Gozo town.

Mgarr is home to Gozo’s main port and couples will enjoy exploring the pretty marinas here on foot, or admiring the view of the Mediterranean Sea from one of the many charming cafes and restaurants by the harbour.

There’s a number or historic sites to visit together including the Fort Chambray and the Church of our Lady Lourdes.

Mgarr has a free water-taxi to Marsalforn, where there’s a pretty shingle beach. Take a small hike over the hills past Marsalforn and you’ll discover the gorgeous Ramla Bay beach, perfect for a romantic day out together.

Mgarr Nightlife

There’s a relaxed nightlife in Mgarr for couples to enjoy.

The restaurants in Mgarr are some of the finest in Gozo and it’s easy to find somewhere special for a romantic dinner out.

Couples will especially like the candle-lit terrace at It-Tmun Mgarr restaurant, which serves exquisite fresh seafood and vegetarian meals. See the Mgarr Restaurants Pod below for more info.

There are a couple of bars open late in Mgarr where you can enjoy the warm Maltese evenings over a glass of local wine.

Romantic Beaches near Mgarr

A couple of kilometres east, and easily reachable by a water-taxi from the harbour, or a 2 hour walk around the coast is the beautiful beach of Ramla Bay.

Ramla's Bay has golden sands, bright azure waters and lots of historic sites closeby.

Gozo Hotels for Couples

There are a number of excellent hotels in Gozo for couples.

Marsalforn has a free water taxi transfer to Mgarr and is also home to the 4-star Hotel Calypso. Couples can enjoy the wonderful rooftop pool and its gorgeous views of the sea, as well as a choice of excellent hotels.

The 3-star Downtown Hotel in Victoria is a great choice for couples who want to explore all of Gozo. It’s close to the historic Citadel in Victoria town and has an outdoor pool and sun terrace.

You can take a romantic day trip to Comino Island’s Blue Lagoon. The warm aquamarine waters are dazzling here and the bay has some cosy cafes where you can grab lunch.

Day Trips from Mgarr

Mgarr Boats to Comino

Mgarr harbour has a ferry service to the third Maltese Island, Comino.

Comino is smaller than Malta and Gozo and has no permanent residents.

It’s most famous attraction is the breath-taking Blue Lagoon, a calm bay with aquamarine waters and white shore line, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Mgarr Boats to Sliema

Discover the beautiful resort of Sliema on a ferry service between Mgarr and Sa Maison (located between Valetta and Sliema).

Sliema is a stylish resort on the east coast of Malta, perfect for enjoying a meal out at one of its elegant restaurants on the boulevard, or finding designer shops at the exclusive ‘The Ferries’ area.

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Mgarr Boats from Valetta

Discover the incredible capital city of Valetta on a ferry service between Mgarr and Sa Maison (located between Valetta and Sliema).

Valetta is a protected World Heritage Site due to its large amount of historic churches, monuments chapels and forts. Make sure you visit the harbour areas; once very industrial they have transformed into a cosmopolitan area with shops, restaurants and bars.

Mgarr Culture and History

Churches in Mgarr

Discover the 20th century Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, a classic example of neo-gothic architecture that stands over the small town of Mgarr.

The church was built on top of the hillside in 1924 but wasn’t fully completed until the 1970s.

Here you can find the beautiful statue of Lady Lourdes, a remarkable marble alter and spectacular views of Mgarr town and harbour.

Forts and Towers in Mgarr

Fort Chambray also rests on the hilltop above Mgarr.

The Fort was built by the legendary Knights of the Order of St John at the start of the 1700’s.

With the fortifications in place, Mgarr was meant to become the main town of Gozo (instead of Victoria), but the plan didn’t work out as the Knights Order weakened during the 18th century.

The Knights of St John also built the watch tower at Mgarr Ix-Xini which guards the entrance to the small harbour there.

Victoria Town, Gozo

A couple of miles into the centre of Gozo from Mgarr and you’ll find the biggest town of the island, Victoria (formally Rabat).

The main attraction in Victoria is the famous Citadel – built after an earthquake that destroyed the town’s church.

There are plenty of shops to be found in Victoria, as well as a number of interesting museums, including The Natural Science Museum, The Folklore Museum and the Old Prisons.

Gozo Attractions

There are plenty of natural and man-made attractions to discover in Gozo, all within easy reach of Mgarr.

The Ggantija Temples are part of Malta and Gozo’s famous Megalithic Temples which pre-date the Pyramids and Stone Henge.

The Azure Window on the east coast is a beautiful cliff archway that has been formed by natural weathering of the coast by sea and wind.

Ramla Bay, just a few kilometres from Mgarr is Gozo’s prettiest sandy beach, with red-gold sands and bright blue waters.

Mgarr Restaurants

Porto Vecchio

The Porto Vecchio restaurant in Mgarr is famed for its location, right by the water’s edge with a fantastic view of the marina and boats.

It comes highly recommended by locals and tourists for its excellent service and delicious Italian menu.

Sit in the garden terrace and enjoy dishes like salmon with a garlic and olive sauce, grilled aubergines, Gozo cheese platters and the traditional Matese broad bean paste, bigilla, and homemade bread.

  • Address: Triq Martino Garces, Mgarr, Gozo

Xerri il-Bukkett

This traditional Xerri il-Bukkett restaurant is situated on the outer edge of Mgarr and boasts an incredible view of the island and ocean.

There are a number of terraces where you can enjoy the spectacular view over a meal of swordfish or fried rabbit.

There’s also a pub area where locals and tourists can enjoy an informal drink together. There’s even a special room where you can challenge the older locals to a game of Bocci.

  • Address: Triq iz Zewwieqa, Mgarr, Gozo

It-Tmun Mgarr

One of the most highly recommended restaurants in Mgarr is Tmun Mgarr.

It serves an exquisite menu of fusion dishes, combining the best of Maltese, British and Italian flavours.

The pretty décor adds to the elegant atmosphere of the restaurant, which is located just back from the harbour.

Enjoy dishes such as tempura prawns, fillet steak, Scottish clams, wild mushroom tartlets and swordfish carpaccio.

  • Triq Martino Garces, Mgarr, Gozo

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