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Gran Canaria Holidays 2016

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Captivating Holidays to Gran Canaria

Erupting from the sun-drenched seas of the Atlantic, the volcanic paradise of Gran Canaria radiates with a laid-back charm and a fun-loving flavour. With its soft, white sands and pure turquoise water, sit back and unwind on indulgent Gran Canaria holidays.

A ‘miniature continent’ of diverse landscapes and climates, you will be blown away by the breathtaking natural beauty of Gran Canaria. Among the lush plains of banana plantations and spectacular ravines carved into the mountainsides, a host of ancient archaeological sites and strange rock formations are among the many island wonders. Topped off with water parks, buzzing bars, and amazing hotels you won’t know where to begin, or when to stop.

Waves and Raves

The brassy resorts of the sizzling south are made for diverse Gran Canaria holidays and with its arching amber sands, neon nightlife and catalogue of hotels, Playa del Ingles is the dashing principal player.

A quieter customer, Masmplomas is the demure next door neighbour, backed by a strip of smart hotels and open-air restaurants. While Masplomas is more cocktails at dawn than rip-roaring raves, a whopper of a water park and its towering, wind-sculpted dunes certainly attract the punters on holidays in Gran Canaria.

Officially the sunniest spot on the island, Puerto Rico is the perfect place to let off some steam on holidays to Gran Canaria. An unassuming harbour town by day, trading on its pretty horseshoe bay, it reveals a lively line-up of bars and discos at night where happy hour seems to go on forever.

Travel Back in Time

With its dazzling sand and year-round sunshine, Gran Canaria holidays are all about the beach and the ultimate seaside experience can be found among the legendary dunes of Masplomas. Stretching for 1000 acres along the azure Atlantic coastline, the spectacular 10m slopes evoke the Saharan wilderness only a stone’s throw across the ocean. Take a camel tour across the peaks or bask on the inclines. They make great sun traps and because they’re so vast, it’s easy to find a secluded spot.

Walk in Columbus’ footsteps along the winding, cobbled streets of Las Palmas’ historic centre. A world away from the turmoil of one of Spain’s biggest cities, this is where the new world began. There’s no time to reflect on the golden sands of the city beach. Las Canteras is the protected diving paradise right in the centre of the city.

Among the ancient pine forests and the scattered mountain villages, strange monoliths appear and disappear, as if by magic, in a sea of cloud. Among the cascading palms of spectacular ravines, you will rediscover the ancient island inhabitants through their painted caves and mountain tombs.

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