Tenerife Holidays 2016

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Terrific Holidays to Tenerife

Nicknamed ‘Isla de la Eterna Primavera’ or the Island of Eternal Spring, fun-loving Tenerife holidays are blessed with dazzling year-long sunshine and a wonderfully vibrant nightlife. Famed for its heady mix of sun, sea and sangria, Tenerife has a reputation for being one of the most diverse islands in the western hemisphere.

With its volcanic peaks rising high above the turquoise sea, a scattering of cultural pockets of wonder and a fantastic tapas scene, Tenerife is more than a laid-back island. Ruptured by spectacular valleys, Tenerife soars with the highest elevations in Spain and offers plenty of things to do and see.

Cosy and Cosmopolitan

Besides an array of bars, the Costa Adaje comes complete with a laid-back ambience and convenient luxury amenities; shopping, restaurants and water parks. With a gob-smacking menu of hotels and resorts in Playa De Las Americas and Los Cristianos, you’ll have beaches, bars and entertainment right on your doorstep.

With its old harbour and waterfront cafes, Puerto de la Cruz inhabits the northern shores and with a simultaneously cosmopolitan and relaxed charm, it’s a favourite for those who are looking for a quiet place to rest their head on Tenerife holidays.

With its museums, restaurants and stunning contemporary architecture, the islands capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife packs some significant historical and cultural gravitas just a stone’s throw away

Laid-Back Island Life

Warmed by the drifting hot winds of sub-Saharan Africa, holidays to Tenerife will coast to an easy subtropical rhythm, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find there is more to do than just kicking back on the beach.

The lush, volcanic landscape of Spain’s highest point, El Teide, is home to an explosion of wildlife as diverse in colour and creed as the rare conditions that created it. Frequented by whales, dolphins and sea turtles, the abundant nature of Tenerife far exceeds the beady-eyed lizards that bask among the rocks and scrubland.

The local produce is plentiful and includes bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco, grapes, flowers and of course fish. Tenerife holidays will not be complete without trying the prolific catalogue of food and regional delicacies that comes from the islands fruitful harvest. Besides traditional Spanish dishes such as paella and tapas, tuck into the fried Moray Eel for a more exotic flavour. For the faint of heart, the islands cheeses are world renowned.

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