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Marvellous Manchester Holidays

A breeding ground for progression and innovation, brimming with both ancient architecture and futuristic designs, cheekily subversive and always up for a laugh, the English capital of the north has a style and personality all of its own. Explore buzzing streets of energetic locals, chic boutiques and fascinating museums, while enjoying the vibrant nightlife and soaking up the unique effervescence of England’s northern star.

Holidays to Manchester holidays offer a wealth of activities and entertainment for travellers of all persuasions. With its colourful past and captivating heritage on display through a variety of museums, monuments and architecture, and an abounding passion for life that can be felt on every street, Manchester is one of those cities that grabs your attention from the start and just won’t let go.

Contemporary Cool

Manchester is home to a varied array of accommodation options to suit all styles and budgets. For an experience of the city at full throttle, stay in the centre and soak up all the culture from the front line, checking into one of the city’s stylish and charismatic hotels, or a modern, fresh apartment.

If you fancy sampling some of the big city buzz from a more rustic retreat, settle in the charming town of Altrincham. With a captivating agricultural background and beautiful, rural surroundings, a traditional guesthouse in Altrincham offers the chance to explore a different side of Manchester holidays.

Past Influence, Future Focus

The undisputed king of England’s industrial cities, modern-day Manchester owes much to its enterprising heritage. These roots are more than a little evident in the city today, with much of its cultural offerings centring on pioneering developments, old and new. From copious museums of industry, a thriving business scene and futuristic urban redesign filtering into much of its architecture, this is most definitely a city for the 21st Century.

However, as much as Manchester prides itself on trade and commerce, there is a distinctive energy about the city that encourages fun and laughter at any given opportunity. The birthplace of countless musicians, comedians, writers and artists, Manchester’s creative offerings are every bit as enthralling as its modern futurism and passion for change – discover cutting edge art galleries, high fashion boutiques and department stores to rival the capital, rhythmic beats flowing from underground music venues and raucous comedy stores. By far the best way to enjoy this magnificent city is go with the flow – you can be sure that the ‘Mancs’ know just how to make the most of their spectacular hometown.

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Travel information
Language: English
Currency: UK Sterling
Local time: GMT/BST
Local airport: Manchester
Flight time: 50 minutes